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an honest wealthy affiliate review 2018

An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

If you haven’t already read my About Me page I should briefly start there. If you have already jump right to the quick guide. But do note this article is specifically dedicated to giving you an honest wealthy affiliate review.

While I’ve worked a corporate job for well over a dozen years I’ve always been interested in the idea of starting my own website or web business. Who wouldn’t want to call all the shots for themselves?

I had tried a few times with various levels of effort and most of them failed due to a completely lack of training and no real skills for building a website. On top of that I’d read so many places that starting a business online was easy and you should start making money ASAP so I got frustrated quickly and gave up.

Then in 2017 I decided to try it again after I had some time free up outside of my day job. I started to look into affiliate marketing for an online business. It sounded easy, just promote someone else’s products and get a cut of the sale! Sweet deal. I didn’t have any products myself, but I certainly used a lot of products and had opinions on them.

So I started digging. I researched on Reddit, I researched on Google and I researched a host of other places. I think even looked on Bing once to get an extra point of view. And I ran across Wealthy Affiliate.

I was a little skeptical a first. After reading my first review and then Googling 20 more of them with various words like ‘scam’ and ‘fake’ and ‘negative’ included I finally started to believe that I had found a place that was true to its word. So let’s talk about Wealthy Affiliate.

Use the quick guide below to jump to any particular place of interest.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that is dedicated to ensuring budding internet entrepreneurs have a place to get started. But beyond being the name of a company it is also a community, a training platform, and a web hosting platform for those same entrepreneurs.

It is dedicated to affiliate marketers and has been since 2005. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing here’s a quick explanation. The idea is simple. If someone clicks on a special link from your website and completes a purchase you get a cut of the sale. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there covering everything from dog toys to boats.

Back to Wealthy Affiliate. It is hard to find many online business that have been around for 13 years these days. The team at Wealthy Affiliate has been dedicated to helping people succeed online for over a dozen years. And as I mentioned above succeeding online can be tough if you’re new to it and you have no idea how to start.

Making it even more complicated is the ever changing nature of the internet. Google changes its search algorithms, new social media channels appear, smart phones and tablets ebb in and out of the flow. To say the internet is a tumultuous place is an understatement!

Websites though, have actually stayed pretty consistent in their purpose. At their core they are there to provide information to people. And while Wealthy Affiliate has certainly changed since it was originally established (it started as a keyword list website) it has stayed true to helping affiliate marketers get started.

Thirteen years later Wealthy Affiliate has grown up from a 2 man shop to now being 25 employees strong and having a community of over 1.4 million members. And that number is growing on a daily basis. So much so that Wealthy Affiliate has basically become synonymous with affiliate marketing central.

  • If you want to create and grow an online business then it is the place for you.
  • If you want to mingle with some of the most skilled affiliate marketers then it is the place for you.
  • If you want to learn from scratch how to setup a website without a degree in computer science then it is the place for you.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn the proper process to build a business online in any niche of your choice. And the biggest benefit, you don’t need to have any prior experience. All you need is an internet connection and an idea.

Here is a quick breakdown…

The Wealthy Affiliate 4 Step ProcessThe minute you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate you have access to all the training, tools, services, and coaching that you need to build a business. And that business can be focused on pretty much anything. Want to focus that business on cats? That’s what I did first. Go for it.

Want to focus that business on fishing tackle? Good, go for it. It isn’t complex to get started.  You’ll be helping people cast spinners and jigs in hours. But I won’t kid you around or make any crazy promises of getting rich overnight. Every successful business takes hard work, and not just for a week or two.

At this point I have personally worked on several niches from pet care to making money online to selling custom t-shirts. It doesn’t matter which direction that you go for because there is an incredible opportunity in nearly any of them. With over 550,000,000 products/services that you can promote as an affiliate there has never been a better time to get started.

That’s it, that’s a quick rundown of how I got started online and about what Wealthy Affiliate is and what you can use it for. If you aren’t already sold then keep reading for a far more comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate from my personal perspective.

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The Community: The WA Family is the Life Blood of Your Business

To say that Wealthy Affiliate is a large community is a significant understatement. It has well over 1.4 million registered and active members. That’s actually larger than the population of several of the States in the United States of America!

the wealthy affiliate communitySo if you’re looking for community and camaraderie then WA is the right place for you. There are people on pretty much all day every day. You can take advantage of the community to hang out and chat, get help, create friendships, and even business partnerships. I myself have started a joint website with another member after he was willing to mentor me while I was getting started.

It is honestly amazing. Some nights when I can’t sleep and get up at 3am to work on my site and find other people doing the same thing. Some of this is based on time zones (Wealthy Affiliate is used worldwide) and some of it is based on other entrepreneurs burning the midnight oil to get their newest idea off the ground in their limited free time.

The true beauty of it is there are almost always people online willing to help. And help they do. Through live chat, private messages, posting training videos and tutorials and many more methods.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community yes, but it is different from other online communities in that the people here actually care about your success. If you have hung out in other online communities you know how quickly things can devolve into petty insults or focusing on political topics that separate and annoy most people.

Who ever thought they’d go to a place online specifically to get depressed? Hanging out on the platform at WA is so much more positive.

People are there for the right reasons and they are there to ensure you get the help you need.  During any minute of the day there are over 1,000 people online on the platform working away on their businesses. Sometimes the numbers even bump up over 10,000.  These are people that will interact with you and help push you to build your business.

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The Training: What You Can Expect From an Education Standpoint

Education Level Required: Completely New to Seasoned Expert

Training Formats Available: Video, Text, Live Classes/Webinars, Instant Chat

Number of Resources Available: 1,000’s of training modules (and growing daily)

Hours of Live Classes: Over 300 hours on every topic imaginable (and growing weekly)

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably found that the best way to learn is to watch or take a lesson on a topic and then immediately apply that lesson by doing it yourself.  Using what you learn immediately helps you understand the results of your actions and the benefits that they can have.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training courses

Applied knowledge is the approach that Wealthy Affiliate focuses on from your very first day. Even as a Starter member you will realize just how interactive and hands on the training is within the community. Everything starts from the first training lesson.

There are some not only awesome, but incredibly important aspects of the training environment that will ensure you maximize the efficiency of your time spent at Wealthy Affiliate. The purpose is to speed up the process of creating your first business and ensuring you can repeat it in the future as you build out more ideas.

Wealthy Affiliate is made up of a couple of key training categories that you will have full access to even as a newbie. Unlike other training courses this one isn’t released week by week or limited when you start. This means if you’re starting from scratch you can simply follow the process. But it also means if you’re experienced you can jump right to the places that make the most sense for you to spend your time.

Another benefit of having training in various formats and available as needed is that if you have a different learning style (text versus video) you’ve got access to it straight away. This means you’ll be able to maximize your learning potential right from the start.  The key training categories are as follows:

  • Core Training Courses (Text and Video)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Text & Picture Tutorials
  • Live Video Classes
  • Classrooms Q&A

Not only do each of these categories have huge benefits, but if they don’t happen to answer your question there’s always a fall back method. You can ask a question to the community through instant message or through a Classroom posting that the community monitors and responds to.

There isn’t a moment where an expert within the community isn’t available and offering support through the various training channels.

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The Platform: An Elite Marketer Needs An Elite Website Platform

Websites Types Supported: WordPress

Hosting Types Supported: Managed WordPress Hosting

Websites Included With Membership: 2 (Starter), 50 (Premium)

The Wealthy Affiliate platform gives you the tools you need to build and manage a successful online business. Your website is the foundation. It is the first thing you’ll need to build and it is the thing you’ll be developing and enhancing over the long haul.  Given this it is imperative you have a website platform that can grow with you.

You need ease of use, stability, efficiency and of course a platform that stays up to date with the fast moving pace of the internet and its underlying technology. The Wealthy Affiliate platform gives you everything you need in this regard. WA’s platform is on the cutting edge and is highly competitive with even the most advanced hosting platforms available.

If you’re new to the space there’s no sense digging into this too much yet, but when you’re building a website there are a few must have factors that will contribute to your overall success. If you’ve got them you’re in good shape, but if you don’t you might be left wondering why you aren’t getting the results you expect.

Expecting the best out of your platform ensures that you’ll also be able to provide the best experience for your visitors. Both you and your visitors have expectations when it comes to visiting and using a website.

  • Visitors Expect:
    • Lightning Fast Loading Speeds
    • Easy Navigation and Use
    • Encryption In Line With Current Standards
    • On Site Engagement/Communication
  • Website Owners Expect:
    • A Simple yet Sophisticated Management Environment
    • Availability of Advanced Features/Plugins
    • Timely and Helpful Support

Wealthy Affiliate prides itself on providing all of this and more. And that’s not all, the team at Wealthy Affiliate is constantly innovating and adding new features and functions to make sure you stay on the cutting edge as well. If you want to develop a solid online business then you have to have a great website. If you want to have a great website then you need to have confidence in whomever is hosting that website. WA provides all of this.

As a Starter member, before you pay a dime, you get 2 websites completely free (hosting included). As a paid Premium member you get way more. You can host up to 25 websites on your own personal domains (and an additional 25 on the WA subdomain).

The hosting fees for 25 websites at any other provider would cost more than a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate (which is $49 per month). Other hosts would come in at nearly $250 per month to host 25 websites.

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The Toolkit: With the Right Tools, You Can Shape a Sustainable Business

We only have so many hours in the day. Especially those of us that are working a full time job already. Most of us wish there were more hours in the day and more days in our lives. Because we only have so much time we’re always looking for efficiency in every aspect of our lives. Building an online business is no different, you’ll want to maximize the results you achieve from the time you spend.

There are a couple of activities you’ll find yourself performing over and over as you develop your web business. These include things like website development, researching keywords, identifying profitable niches and of course developing and promoting the content that is the key to your website. You might even find yourself building SEM campaigns sometime in the future! If you’re not sure what an SEM campaign is don’t worry about it, I didn’t know when I got started either.

Wealthy Affiliate will not only help you perform these tasks, but it will ensure you’re doing them in the most efficient way possible. This can save you hundreds of hours throughout the span of a year, especially if you’re dedicating time to your web business on a consistent basis.

So let’s dig into these in a bit more detail to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of everything provided.

Creation & Automation of Websites

Estimated Time Saved: 60 hours per month.

The first time I ever tried to build a website I tried to do it from scratch. I built each page with hand written HTML and it took forever. Not only that, but this was back when HTML was used for both design and format. I had no idea how to build a site so it took me days to build single pages and they looked like crap.

It was a nightmare. Not only was I a terrible programmer, but I also HATED programming on top of it. Having to manually create the code for every single page was a huge turn off and mostly led me to just give up on building a site at all.

Faster forward 15 years. Now I can start a website from scratch and have it completely configured in less than a day. Not only that, but it’ll have a boatload of features and functions my hand coded site could never have achieved in a million years. In addition, it sits on a tried a true platform with nearly 3000 different design options available. These designs include color schemes, features, functions and even responsive layouts so your site looks great on a mobile phone too.

Everything you can image for your site is included, and it is all included in your Wealthy Affiliate subscription. You can literally build a website faster than you brew a pot of coffee.

To say the least, the advancements of the past decade have made life easy for today’s new internet entrepreneurs. You don’t even need to know what HTML and CSS are if you don’t want to (though I do recommend some basic knowledge long term!). But to put it simply, these advancements have enabled anyone to get an online business started. You no longer need a computer science degree and 13 reference books on your desk to create a successful business online.  Those days are gone!

Maximizing The Amount of Content Created In Hours Spent

Estimated Time Saved Using Wealthy Affiliate: 15-20 Hours Per Month

Content is the key to any online business. These days you’ll constantly read that “Content Is King.” Every website that has any level of success is based on having high quality content. Wealthy Affiliate features its own content development suite called SiteContent. It is an internet entrepreneur’s best friend and it only accessible with a subscription to Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteContent has a boatload of features and functions focused on ensuring you get the most out of your time spent so you can create a beautiful site in the least time possible. This includes direct access to over 1 million high definition images you can use on your website.

It also includes SEO tracking features to help you optimize your content. You’ll know exactly where you’re ranking compared to your competition so you can determine what content might need some edits or a refresh.

You’ll also have access to grammar and spell checkers ensuring you deliver an easy to read experience for your visitors. If a site takes more than 4 seconds to load these days people are unlikely to ever attempt to visit it again. Wealthy Affiliate’s Image Optimization technology will make your website load in a flash to ensure your visitors don’t get frustrated and move on to the next site.

Wealthy Affiliate will even check all of your content to ensure it is unique before you publish. Google and other search engines could penalize you if your content isn’t unique and that means fewer visitors to your site. Fewer visitors means less money for you.

Setting goals on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is easy. Setting and tracking writing goals ensures self accountability and makes sure you’re putting in the time you promised yourself to build a healthy online business. Reports of your productivity are available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

As an added bonus, SiteContent is directly integrated with your website. This means you don’t have to leave the Wealthy Affiliate platform to take your content all the way from an initial idea through to publication. It is as easy as the click of a button.

Researching Keyword & Profitable Niches Efficiently

Estimated Time Saved: 10-15 Hours Per Month

Before you start any business you need to do some research. Potentially a lot of research. You don’t want to simply start building a business only to find out there aren’t any customers looking for your products. That’s a solution without a problem.

The same is true in the online world. Ensuring there’s a customer base out there is imperative before you start developing your website. Researching an online business not only means you need a customer base, but it also means you’ll want to find a customer base that the competition isn’t targeting.

This means you want to focus on finding high traffic keywords that don’t have a lot of competition so you maximize your traffic right from the get go. This can easily be achieved through the keyword research tool exclusively accessed through Wealthy Affiliate. It is called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a powerful research platform for online marketers. It offers you a huge number of tools that can be used to maximize your time spent researching. Are you noticing a trend here about maximizing efficiency?

Jaaxy provides a comprehensive suite of tools that are any affiliate marketer’s dream. And the fact that they are  included in the cost of your Wealthy Affiliate membership makes them even more appealing. Check out a screenshot of them below:

With Jaaxy available to you your research tool belt will be fully equipped. And as another added bonus, Jaaxy is natively integrated with the Wealthy Affiliate platform. So not only do you not have to go off elsewhere and pay for access to other tools, but you don’t even have to leave Wealthy Affiliate to conduct your research.

Analyzing & Effectively Managing Your Online Business

Estimated Time Saved: 20 hours per month.

No matter what job you’ve had in the past you get some level of performance assessment. Even if you work an hourly job at McDonald’s you get a paycheck that tells you how many hours you spent and how many dollars you earned (and how many went to taxes!).

So it should come as no surprise that you’ll also want to monitor how effectively your online business is performing. The more your business grows the more important it is for you to know where you should be dedicating your time and effort. You don’t want to spend 20 hours building content similar to content that has consistently failed in the past.

No, you want to build content that has been tried and true. This ensures you can improve your website so it ranks faster and higher. It also ensures you’ll get more engagement and traction from the people visiting your site. More engagement means more success.

Wealthy Affiliate has two built in management and analysis modules to help you easily monitor the health and performance of your site. SiteHealth is the first of the two and it will keep an eye on the overall “health” of your online business. It is basically like your yearly checkup at the doctor, but you can check it out every single day if you’d like. You can see what this looks like below.

SiteHealth monitors activity on your site and gives you general direction on how to make things better. The more you improve the general health of your site the better your site looks to search engines. The better your site looks to search engines the more traffic you’ll get. The more traffic you get the more money you’ll make. You get the idea!

SiteRank is another awesome feature. As you develop content you’ll be focused on trying to get your content to rank for specific keywords. SiteRank keeps track of how your site is ranking in the three biggest search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. It will tell you where you rank and if you are going up or down so you can refresh and update your content.

Getting to number 1 on the first page of every search engine for your target keyword is your long term goal. Why, you might ask? Well if you’ve ever conducted a Google search you’ll know you usually click on the first result.

Understanding where you rank is a HUGE time saver.

Closing Up the Toolbox

The more time you save in one area the more you can focus on another high value area of your new online business.  More efficiency leads to more content. More content leads to more higher rankings. More pages ranking higher means more revenue for your business which is your long term goal.

As Wealthy Affiliate evolves it continues to innovate. New features and functions come online on a consistent basis and you can always check in on what is coming up next by reviewing blog posts from the owners. The biggest perk here is that these features and functions continue to come at no additional cost to you even though they continue to enhance the value you get from your membership.

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The Coaching: Need Help From An Expert? How About 1000 of Them?

Coaching Types: SEO Marketing, SEM, Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon SiteStripe

Coaching Formats: Live Chat, Q & A, Ask a Question, 1-on-1, Direct Access to Me!

# of Coaches: 1,000’s Get Instant Access to

I doubt you want to learn all the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing from scratch with no support. If you did you’d have already purchased a domain and started building your website. Wealthy Affiliate gives you immediate access to thousands of people that have been through the exact same thing you’re going through right now.

Wealthy Affiliate is quickly approaching 1.5 million active members. It has become the place for affiliate marketers, both new and seasoned. Newcomers can use it to their first online businesses from scratch and get tons of help along the way from seasoned affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs that are willing to share their knowledge and skills to newbies.

Live Chat for Immediate Help

Hate sending emails and waiting 24 hours for a response from support? Me too. Wealthy Affiliate has a live chat function that you can use to get instant help. Live chat provides an instant way to get support and direction when you’ve run into a roadblock.

On top of support Live Chat is a great way to connect with other fellow entrepreneurs. Up at 3 AM working on your website and just need someone to talk to? Live chat is there and so are people around the world. You can use it to network and build relationships with successful marketers from every background.

At any given time there are 100’s to 1,000’s of people interacting or hiding in the background of the chat platform just waiting for questions to pop up. You’ll get responses in no time. Even if you’re just asking how people are doing.

Average Response Time: Less than 1 minute.

Ask the Community

Have a question outside the training module you’re working on? No problem. There is a question platform built right into Wealthy Affiliate you can leverage to ask a question about anything.

Well, one slight caveat, it should be related to your online business! If you want to ask other random life questions you can write in your blog! Each question you pose gets exposed to the entire Wealthy Affiliate community. Most questions get a response, if not numerous responses, in a matter of minutes.

Average Response Time: Less than 5 minutes.

Training Q & A

Each of the training modules is equipped with a Q&A function. As you work through the training you can easily ask questions about things you don’t understand or things you’d like to learn more about.

Every single training modules also maintains a comprehensive history of the questions asked before. You can easily search these questions to look for answers others have already provided. This Q&A function works incredibly well because those involved in the same level of training and those that have COMPLETED the training will be notified when you pose a question.

Average Response Time: Less than 10 minutes.

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you can request private coaching from whoever you like within the community. This makes networking within the community that much more beneficial. Following key members of the community will not only keep you up to date on their activity, but it will also ensure you can build a relationship with them by responding to their updates.

Growing these relationships will pay for itself down the road if you ever need to ask a more in depth or advanced question. Having access to elite affiliate marketers is a huge additional benefit.

Average Response Time: Member Dependent.

From the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, when you join Wealthy Affiliate you’ll get access to the original creators of it, Kyle and Carson. They are there in the community every single day willing to coach you and willing to help you with anything you need.

I see Kyle in the online chat almost every single day. He answers questions and helps new members and experienced members alike. He’s also just an interesting guy to chat with if you don’t have any questions!

If Kyle isn’t online you can send him a private message and he’ll typically respond within less than 24 hours. This is really rare. Access to the CEO of a company us usually quite restricted, even small companies! The fact that Kyle makes himself available and responds quickly is quite the feat given the fact that he’s dealing with a member base of some 1.5 million members.!

Average Response from the Founders: Less than 24 hours.

And Of Course Access to Me

I am on Wealthy Affiliate almost every single day of every single week. And I’m usually on for several hours of each day.  I’m willing to help you on your journey to getting your online business going and growing.

Rare is the day where I won’t be able to respond to you within 24 hours. Even if I don’t know the answer to your question immediately I can certainly help point you in the right direction from extensive network of connections at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you join through me I offer my full support and personal coaching immediately.

Average Response from Me: Less than 24 hours.

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The Success Stories: Are People Succeeding Within WA?

In a word, yes. I myself am one of the success stories. I started my first website on Wealthy Affiliate and over the course of 18 months grew it from nothing to a 5 figure yearly business. And this was just my first site. The training at Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to start my online business with practically zero know how and get it profitable in less than a year! Most small business don’t even break even for over two years.

success from my first niche siteBut don’t just believe my success story. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for more than a dozen years now and there have been thousands of success stories posted in the community. You’ll find success stories of all kinds:

  • New entrepreneurs posting an exciting story about their first sale
  • People sharing case studies on growing traffic by 5x
  • Stories of someone earning enough to quit their day job
  • And even people having their first million dollar year from their online business

Below you’ll find a few of the more recent success stories. These will give you some perspective on what people are accomplishing using Wealthy Affiliate. This is just a sprinkling of the success stories and there are definitely more out there! Sign up for a Starter Account today to view more success stories!

Now you’ll often hear the phrase that success goes to peoples’ heads.  WA seems to be one of those rare communities where success doesn’t seem to breed animosity or arrogance. While people are of course posting about their success, they aren’t doing so to rub it in your face. No, they are doing it to encourage you and remind you that you can do the same if you’re willing to put in the work!

Do you have to post about your success though? Absolutely not. For every person that posts about their success many go quietly about their business cranking out sales and earning more income. No differently than within the offline world, some people enjoy sharing their good news and others prefer to keep it to themselves!

There is a general tendency in the world to see people bragging about material things (cars, planes, houses, etc.). This is usually even more common among people that don’t have a lot of these things. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand indexes on the other side of this scale. Again, those that share don’t do so to brag. The community is loaded with self motivated achievers and seasoned digital marketers. Some people share their successes stories to show you that you can do it too.

You can be one of our next success stories at WA. I assure you of that. So set up your account at WA and start watching the first training module in the next five minutes. You have nothing to lose after all. Starter Accounts are 100% free of charge and they don’t even require a credit card that you have to remember to cancel later. Free access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and the community are only one click away.

===> Click Here to Get Going With Your Obligation Free Starter Account!

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The Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity: Can It Get Better?

Wealthy Affiliate also provides one of the most unique opportunities in the business. And it is offered to EVERYONE within Wealthy Affiliate. That special offer is for the WA Super Affiliate Conference. You can of course can build a business within any niche you want, I personally started with pets and cat care!  But it is also well worth noting that WA also offers an unbeatable affiliate program for members.

If you manage to jump over the hurdle of 300 sales in a given year you get a pretty sweet reward (on top of what you already earn!). You get an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas fully paid for by the Wealthy Affiliate team. That includes a 3-day conference with amazing entertainment, delicious meals and drinks and of course beautiful views of the Las Vegas Strip!

But even better, you’re getting a chance to meet with the top affiliate marketers worldwide. You get to network and  “talk shop” with to learn new things and apply them to your business in the future. This is a rare opportunity. This is achievable by absolutely anyone, including people that are just starting out.

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Staying on The Cutting Edge Is A Full Time Job

Now of course, as with anything, not everything is perfect at Wealthy Affiliate. But that leaves room for opportunity, and room for opportunity means room for growth. Kyle and Carson, the WA founders, roll out 10-12 entirely new features within Wealthy Affiliate every calendar year.

These range from features to improve content creation to completely re-engineering the  underlying technology that serves up your page to ensure it is done at lightning speed every time. As with anything that is growing there are sometimes some hiccups in finding your way around or figuring out the best way through.

But as the Wealthy Affiliate team grows and improves the platform and all of the related features and functions every member continues to benefit! And the best thing about this is that the founders of WA are constantly visible. As I mentioned above you’ll see Kyle online collecting feedback and information from the users on a daily basis.

They stand behind Wealthy Affiliate being the best option for Affiliate Marketers and they are committed to ensuring you think it is the best too.

Two Weeks Notice Wrap Up

Now you’ll have to forgive my bias, I am after all a member of Wealthy Affiliate and will continue to be for years to come. It was my first launch pad to affiliate marketing and will continue to be a valuable resource as both my skill set and my portfolio of online business grow.

But the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate as a new member is that it doesn’t cost a dime. You get to try all the features and functions without even providing a credit card number.  Pretty uncommon in this day and age. There’s not automatic payment you have to remember to cancel. There’s no awkward pain in the neck process to opt out in the future.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate (and I myself) don’t want you to spend a cent on a service until you have tried it. We would rather the community and platform speak for itself. Here are the next steps to getting rolling, to seeing what WA is all about, and to start your bright and very successful journey online.

Step 1: Create a Starter Membership at WealthyAffiliate.com (Click Here to Join)

Step 2: Go through the Get Started Here training

Step 3: Get back to me when I personally reach out to you (and I promise I will)

Step 4: Have fun!

Upon joining, you are going to be emailed with some instructions on how to get rolling, but I want you to remember that you have full access to ME (Craig) personally when you jump into the community. If you ever need to reach out to me after you create your account, you can do so on my profile.

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