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About Me

Two Weeks Notice was created by me, Craig, to help people interested in starting their own online business.  The goal is to give you the tools you need to start your first business and see it through to the point that it starts to generate income and then expand that income.

I chose the name two weeks notice because in the United States when you quit your job it is expected that you will give two weeks notice. I want to enable you to earn a full time income from your own business so you can put in your own two weeks notice.

But you’re probably wondering why should you listen to me and whether or not I am I qualified to give you any direction. So let’s give you a quick run down of me and how I got started in building businesses online.

About Me

I’m 35 and I’ve been working at a big corporation since the day I finished college.  Yes, big corporations have benefits in the form of a steady pay check. But they also have drawbacks in the respect that hours can be long and sometimes projects can be mind numbing or tedious.

Beyond that there’s also the slow climb associated with working a typical corporate job. It can take years to move up the ladder and be recognized for all of the work and effort you put into your projects. Sometimes it can just feel like a grind.

So a while back I thought I’d start researching a passive income stream. I asked myself this. How could I build something that would continue to make money for me even when I was sleeping? Or how could I build something that would make money for me while I was out enjoying myself?

This of course led me to look into building a web based business that was online and available 24/7, even when I was wasn’t available myself. But I didn’t have any grand ideas or products that I wanted to develop. So how could I make money selling things other people already built or designed?

That led me to the idea of Affiliate Marketing. Basically, I convince you of the merits of a product and if you buy it from the manufacturer or retailer I get a cut of the sale. Pretty cool idea right?  You’re probably wondering how it went.

3 Months In

I had mostly spent my time researching which program to go with to teach me how affiliate marketing worked in detail. I read multiple books from Amazon and I did hours of online research. I finally chose a program and started with a short free trial. A week in I paid for the first month of access to the platform.

After that I quickly upgraded myself to a yearly subscription based on liking what I was doing. Not only was I learning new skills that were related to my day job, but I was having a bunch of fun doing it too!

9 Months In

My first niche site dedicated to pet toys started seeing a bunch of daily traffic. As the traffic grew the revenue grew. I was totally hooked. I was creating my own business from scratch with very little investment.  I started reading more and working with other people more skilled and knowledgeable than myself.

I built more content, I branched out, my content started to convince more people to visit my site and I started selling products worth a couple of thousands a dollar a month. As an affiliate I was getting a cut of every sale made. And this was happening while I was working my day job, or while I was sleeping!

Could it get better? Sure it could!

1 Year In

My first niche site grew to over a thousand unique visitors a week and has continued to grow since then. It was really starting to snowball. At that point I started to expand my view and started getting myself into additional businesses.

From there on I’ve been focused on building my own passive income streams so I can put in my two weeks notice. And my goal is to help you do the same. I want to help you build the skills necessary to build your own passive income streams that will enable you to put in your two weeks notice.

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